Services Offered

Office Consultation Services

General Pediatric Cardiology: We provide comprehensive, advanced diagnostic and treatment services for infants, children, and adolescents with acquired or congenital cardiac disorders.

EKG: Also known as an electrocardiogram, this safe and painless test will help us assess the condition of the heart by measuring its electrical activity. The test allows us to observe the heart rhythm, blood flow, and other potential abnormalities.

Echocardiography: By creating a sonogram or ultrasound of the heart, we can detect the presence of any heart conditions or disorders by analyzing the resulting images.

Exercise Stress Testing including Stress Echocardiography: This test is just like the standard echocardiography, except it is conducted while the patient is exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike. The procedure allows the observation of the heart as it moves and pumps blood during periods of physical stress.

Holter Monitoring: A Holter monitor is a portable EKG (electrocardiogram) device that continuously measures and records heart activity for 24 to 48 hours as the patient completes their usual daily activities. This monitor is especially helpful for detecting slow, fast, or irregular heartbeats, and can also be used to determine the effectiveness of prescribed heart medication.

Event Monitoring: This portable EKG (electrocardiogram) device records heart activity during an “event”, or when the patient is experiencing a symptom. It does not continuously record like a Holter monitor—event monitors will only record heart activity when activated by the patient manually or when it detects a heartbeat abnormality.

Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention: Minimally-invasive interventions utilizing a catheter – a thin, hollow, flexible tube to study or repair the heart. A trained physician inserts the catheter into an artery of the leg or arm and, using advanced imaging, guides its tip – along with specialized treatment technology – to the heart. Cather-based interventions offer the advantage of faster healing and shorter hospital stays compared to the alternative of open heart or open chest surgery.  Click here to learn more about Catheter-Based Interventions Offered.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic

Patients with congenital heart disease face unique challenges and medical considerations as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. To address these unique needs, our practice offers a specialized clinic to help assure ongoing expert care for congenital heart patients as they reach adulthood.  Click here to read more.

We actively refer our patients requiring surgical procedures, interventions and treatment for arrhythmia to some of the finest medical institutions in the country, including: